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About Housepanda

Housepanda is a Singapore based company, aims to recognize as the most trusted Online real estate platform in the SOUTHEAST ASIA. The company started expanding in the PH  last May 2019 to bridge all brokers/developers and their client in the most effective and efficient way thru innovative technology and system.   

Housepanda created a much diversified system that adheres to their basic principle: Quality, Transparency and Credibility. The company extended their service adding a special feature that will carefully scrutinize all the properties for listing as well as funneling all the client’s queries that is designed to create a highly credible market place. 

   Homesfy guaranteed to give an utmost service commitment to brokers developers and their clients.

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Phone: 0918-391-1118

Tel: 0918-391-1118

Email: service@housepanda.com

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